Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Everyday life (a conversation with myself) [Archive: Junior Year 1999]

You know
on a day to day basis
I don't think of you
Like you think I do

I sometimes think
'what a nice ass'
or 'damnit, why can't he love me'
then I realize it doesn't matter
'cause I'm not prepared to lose
what I've never had

now I think
'oh love, it doesn't matter
that you don't care
because my love grows ever stronger
continually waxing, forever'
but who am I to know?

maybe tomorrow I'll think
'I Hate You
For All The Pain You've Caused'
but in an instant I would know
it was all a lie

I hope, that someday
I'll be able to think
something along the lines of
'I'm happy and content, and
everything I've waited for-
for so many years-
has happily come true for me'

but then again,
maybe once I say that,
I'll be saying
'goodbye, my love'
and I don't know if I could handle that..

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