Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What Once Was a Mirror [Archive: December 1998/January 1999]

Light reflects off the mirror.
It's too late to distinguish night or day
The light has faded, faded as I focused
On the image I see before me.

The face looks vaguely familiar
Like someone I met a long time ago
Once upon a dream. But the longer I stare
Focus finds a name. It is my friend;
Are you my friend- Friend, who are you now?

Neither you nor who I thought you'd be,
What would it be like to know you again?
Would I find you changed by life, love
has found you and kept you warm- and you wonder
How it is, that I cannot relate.

I wonder how I found you again.
Perhaps fate, in all it's glory, has decide to punish me again,
for said indiscretions and the happiness found there.

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