Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ignorance [Archive: December 1998/1999]

It's almost weird how we left it
Though no more so than we have before
I spoke, you spoke, we spoke
But did we communicate?
Are you actively avoiding your promises
Or is ignorance to blame-
Oh yes, let it be so,
For blaming you- Who would dare do?
Yes, Ignorance, in it's hooded grey robe
sweeping the cities, and over the minds
of those with tenuous vows and holds
To the collective unconscious and moral underground
Thusly, and effectively, clearing your mind
Of all such knowledge that would distract you
From utter and total self-veneration
Yes, let it be so,
That you do not face your reflection
As others do
But coo into a portrait
That thou have painted of thyself
Cruel Ignorance, uncurse this man!
Let his true self be revealed to him,
So that thy friend Misery may be let loose
As the idolized image fades and-
he is left but with a cracked mirror,
clear enough to show his flaws and shortcomings
Yes, Ignorance, you have found a friend in him.

Note: Bitter much. Written after I found out a friend had been kicked out of school for selling drugs.

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