Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Untitled [Archiving: from September 2000]

There is beauty in the perfection of silence
And in love, truth's form remains untarnished
Unassuming currents spliced together to create
The glory of the sun, the moon, the stars
And the bliss found between two lovers-
aye, let no man stand in the way of their truth.

Birthed of the earth unto the world
Love has delievered us from all, but ourselves
Indeed, it is only man who stands to destroy Love
And only man, who seeks to destroy himself.
Such determination better left to lovers
Who in the morning find themselves restless
For the company of the moon, once more,
On her search for her faithless lover, the sun.

Across the sky, the breeze drifts and carries
Songs upon its breath. The youth that listen
follow along, dancing upon fields of heather.
Fiddles and harps criss cross within the melody
And inspire the dreams of poets:
so that this might well be read.

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