Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Modern Love: A Traditional Ballad [Archiving from 1999/2000]

Modern Love

Pain I feel is not mine alone;
Mine own beloved feels it too.
In past days- our love uncondoned,
Though for us now- each day is new.
No bound'ries held where love is true;
I'll not deny mine only love.
So what is left but to conclude-
Such is the way of modern love.

The wind, through trees, sings wistful songs,
Of long lost loves-ne'er forgotten.
From a window pane, my heart longs,
For my lover, my dearest friend,
But even for us, time must end.
The mourning left to turtledoves,
As I watch him, my friend, ascend.
Such is the way of modern love.

Always losing, then moving on.
My true love, one day beside me,
The next, my love is barely gone.
Though he promised he'd never leave,
His honor true- the Fates deceived.
Beloved watches from above,
And though it's hard to see him leave-
Such is the way of modern love

Beloved, I address thee dear,
But curse the notion of true love.
For it takes you from where I'm near,
Such is the way of modern love.

Note: Written in Quest English, Junior Year.

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