Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Untitled [Archive: May 2000]

And my heart beats once again!
Stirrings lost among the grey
All feelings kept locked soft away!
In all the world hath a body felt like this?
Breath upon breath upon words doth stutter
Beat upon beat doth my heart feel asunder!
In love, my heart doth becomes my eyes!
Beautiful love, let me gaze upon you forever
Timeless love, how love doth blind my eyes!
By and by doth spring surrender to the summer!
How now doth my love grow more?
When in all the world no love's as great!
Love now and then until forever ends!
My love finds my heart immortal
Bearings of earth find themselves eternal!
The sky doth grey and clouds impede my sight!
The night doth brings nature's life in tune,
By all the stars, light's brought to nature's love!
And my heart beats once again!

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