Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Truth in Love [Archive: Sophomore/Junior Year 1999]

Though morning's glow
Is far ahead
Beyond the horizon, Shone
Is the moon and her beauty
Entrancing lovers under her gaze.

The night is pure
And sacred
Though virginal
Only in the naive lover's cry
Mourning innocence lost in lies.

I wonder with what I am to wish
And for what design my heart desires
If true love is all that one wishes to find
And my heart has found that love too ready.

If love is true
But sly hearts lie
Then what love is there to find
If not in the heart, then in the mind?

Love is never blind
Not whilst poets dwell on it
Nor when seen through bedazzeled eyes.

Truth is not seen in virtue's light
But seen by conmens' wanton night.
And what is true about the night
When the moon waunders
throughout the sky
And stars twinkle despite
the horror seen betwixt their eyes.

So soon does the night forget
When the sun rises again
Only to be put down again at night
For the moon to rise to meet the sky.

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